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You may have read about PEMF in Orange County online or perhaps you have heard about it from your doctor. If you are curious about how PEMF can alleviate pain and improve your physical fitness, please visit Ascent Adaptation for detailed information.

What is PEMF?

The Pulse Electromagnetic Field (aka PEMF) is a medical device producing electromagnetic waves through a magnetic coil. When used in therapeutic purposes, the PEMF will naturally stimulate your body, encouraging a healthy recovery process. Similar to the electromagnetic waves found in nature, the wavelengths create by the device are of low frequency but will come in brief bursts or pulses.

It is interesting to notice that the use of electromagnetic waves for therapeutic purposes is not a privilege of our modern era. Records are showing that the so-called magnetic stones were used in ancient China as far back as 2600 B.C.

How does PEMF in Orange County work?

Simply said, PEMF is acting as a battery charger for your body cells. A healthy cell in your body has 20 - 25 millivolts while when you get sick, the voltage will drop below 15 millivolts or less. At those levels, a cell will not be able to operate and heal itself and will become dysfunctional.

The low-frequency waves created by the device will pass through the skin deep into your organs and bones, reaching the cells and replenishing them with energy. This way, your full-body will benefit from a boost of energy, even from a short session, allowing the natural healing mechanisms to reset and restart. PEMF therapy is a non-invasive way to support your body's recovery processes by rehabilitating cells' capability to work efficiently.

The therapy is not intended for a specific condition but will optimize your body's natural ways of self-healing. Our patients are describing the PEMF effects as the most complex and extreme relaxation they ever had, feeling re-energized for weeks after a session.

Health benefits of PEMF

An immediate effect of the PEMF therapy will be an improved blood circulation with all the benefits associated with it, like better oxygenation or waste disposal. Cleaner blood, filled with nutrients, running through your system will help with:

  • Memory improvement and easiness to learn - oxygen is essential for all brain functions, including the learning process. After a PEMF session, your bloodstream will bring more oxygen to where it is needed.
  • Improves immunity - environmental pollution and a sedentary lifestyle are draining out your energy leading to premature aging and illnesses. The electromagnetic waves will be able to restore the lost power.
  • Regenerate your nervous system and improve your sleep - the PEMF therapy will relax your muscles, decrease the stress levels, and lead to better, deeper sleep.

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of PEMF in Orange County, why don't you make an appointment with Ascent Adaptation to test it by yourself? You will notice significant improvements after just one session.

PEMF Orange County
PEMF Orange County
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PEMF Orange County PEMF Orange County PEMF Orange County