Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Costa Mesa

Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration in Costa Mesa is not your ordinary wellness center. Our cutting-edge facility, proudly serving all of Orange County, has been touted as "The Gym of the Future" by Men's Journal. Our primary focus is human optimization and cellular reverse aging, employing advanced technology to offer customized solutions for each individual's health concerns. One of our most transformative therapies is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), a non-invasive treatment with a wide range of health benefits.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy involves breathing in 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber. This process allows your lungs to gather more oxygen than they would at normal air pressure. The surplus oxygen is then transported through your bloodstream, promoting healing, reducing inflammation, and increasing stem cell production.
At Ascent, our commitment to longevity and cellular reverse aging has led us to incorporate HBOT into our roster of regenerative therapies. Our experienced team, led by Heather Hiniker, has seen firsthand the transformative effects of HBOT. Years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients attest to the impact of this treatment in addressing various health conditions.
HBOT is not a one-size-fits-all remedy. Each individual at Ascent receives tailored care, based on their unique needs. Whether you're an athlete seeking faster recovery, a patient rehabilitating from a medical condition, or an individual striving for optimal health, our HBOT therapy is custom-tailored to ensure the best results.
HBOT has a broad spectrum of potential benefits. It promotes wound healing, enhances recovery from injuries, improves cognitive function, aids in treating neurological conditions, and even shows promise in anti-aging. The increase in blood oxygen levels during the therapy helps boost the body's natural healing processes.
Joining us in our mission to redefine wellness are our dedicated clients. Hundreds of athletes have rapidly adapted and healed from the mental and physical challenges of their games thanks to our advanced therapies. But it's not only athletes who benefit. People from all walks of life, seeking to improve their wellbeing and resilience, trust us to guide them on their journey of health optimization.
Costa Mesa residents are discovering the impact of HBOT. As the only adaptation and regeneration center in Orange County, we take pride in bringing this advanced technology to our community. Visit us at 3300 Irvine Ave #162, Newport Beach, CA, or call us at (949) 474-4404 to schedule an appointment.
At Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration, we believe in the power of technology to improve lives. Alongside HBOT, we offer a range of innovative therapies like CVAC, PEMF, and BioCharger NG. We're more than a wellness center. We're a community dedicated to better living, healthier aging, and achieving the full potential of human health.
Welcome to the future of wellness. Welcome to Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration.
If you're ready to experience the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Costa Mesa, we invite you to join us at Ascent. Let's embark on this journey of health and rejuvenation together. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Ascent any time.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Costa Mesa
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Costa Mesa
3300 Irvine Avenue
Newport Beach CA 92660 US

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Costa Mesa Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Costa Mesa Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Costa Mesa