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The use of Cyclic variations in altitude conditioning to increase endurance performance at sea level is widely used by athletes and coaches. In the last decade, several carefully controlled studies show that altitude training can improve sea level endurance, along with good preparation, if certain conditions are met. If some drawbacks are avoided and athletes live at sufficient altitude for long enough, their erythropoietin (EPO) values, red blood cell volume and hemoglobin will increase. Training at low altitude while living at altitude allows athletes to work at an intensity similar to sea level.

What are the benefits for athletes?

The "live high - train low" strategy proposes that athletes can improve their endurance performance at sea level by living at altitude (2000 to 3000 meters) for a minimum of three weeks while simultaneously training at low altitudes (less than 1000 meters). This "high-low" altitude training leads to increased VO2max and improved endurance.

However, the feasibility of moving to areas at altitude for long periods of time is beyond the means of many athletes due to their occupations, studies and family commitments. In an effort to reduce the economic and logistical inconvenience of moving to altitude training sites, scientists and manufacturers have developed artificial altitude environments that simulate hypoxic altitude conditions. Many endurance athletes have recently begun using CVAC systems as part of their altitude training programs.

Who uses CVACs?

Tennis player Djokovic revealed during 2011 that he was making use of CAVAC shortly before the start of that year's US Open, and said that since he began this practice he won 81 matches and lost only eight.

The feasibility of this is due to the ease of use of these devices, their transportability, cost and long-term efficacy of use in increasing EPO levels, red blood cells (RBCs) and improving performance.

CVAC: the technology of the future

CVAC fitness pod systems together with low altitude training are the best method for performance enhancement of athletes at sea level. Professional athletes, amateurs and Olympic training centers around the world use nitrogen houses or hypoxic rooms and tents to achieve performance peaks. These devices are easy to use, effective and ethical and offer the athlete a fair, safe and inexpensive altitude training system to achieve their goals.

Benefits of using CVAC

CVAC-Pod improves blood circulation and increases the number of red blood cells. It also eliminates lactic acid and stimulates stem cell production. T increased cardiac and pulmonary capacity, increased respiratory volume, improved anaerobic metabolism, increased fatigue tolerance and physical performance and decreased recovery times.

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