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Biohacking is the set of actions that an individual carries out, through different techniques and tools, to optimize his body, mind and life.

A biohacker wants to be the best version of himself. He wants to control his body and mind to improve his health, reduce his symptoms, have energy, sleep well, lose weight or maintain an adequate weight, prevent diseases and benefit from a good quality of life in the long term.

Another version of biohacking is defined as do-it-yourself biology, a social movement in which individuals and organizations carry out biology actions with instruments equivalent to those of professional laboratories.

Broadly speaking, biohacking is the fact of changing the environment outside and inside us in order to have total control over our biology.

Who uses this method?

Many biohackers have experienced health problems that have made them look for efficient ways to improve their quality of life. Sometimes (but not always) they have a professional background as doctors, therapists, nutritionists, physicists, biologists (quantum or not), biochemists or scientific researchers. Other times they are simply patients driven by curiosity and passion, just like you and me!

Do you remember Michael Jackson spending time locked in an oxygen chamber? He was looking for ways to live better and longer, through technology - he was one of the first famous biohackers! Like many of us, he had an autoimmune disease, in his case vitiligo.

After all, anyone who cares about their health, is curious, open-minded and not afraid to try new experiments and go against the grain of society can be a biohacker.

They are people who have dared to experiment, to investigate, to go against fashions and generally accepted trends, to go beyond simple dietary and lifestyle advice, and to show us the way forward to optimize our life in a holistic way.

What to do before undergoing this treatment?

Be informed, research and experiment. Observe our symptoms like a scientist. Let's look for the deep cause of our ailments. Let's listen to our body and be the detectives of our health, with the help of a good medical team, of course. Let's not apply patches, but let's look for causes and effective solutions, through different techniques and methods.

Experiment without taking risks. Apply common sense. If we make a mistake, nothing happens. We change course and move forward.

Set goals: symptom reduction, increased physical strength, mental clarity, concentration, work productivity, weight loss, etc.

Keep a quantitative and qualitative control diary.

Where to go for biohacking?

Ascent Adaptation and Regeneration is the best option if you want to undergo a biohacking treatment and start a new lifestyle that will help you improve your health. We have specialists and technology to perform all procedures related to light exposure, healthy eating, electromagnetic fields and more.

Are you located in Costa Mesa, California? We are the biohacking center closest to you. Call our phone line 949-474-4404 or visit our website to learn more about us and the treatments we offer. Give your body the opportunity to optimize itself.

Biohacking Costa Mesa
Biohacking Costa Mesa
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Biohacking Costa Mesa Biohacking Costa Mesa Biohacking Costa Mesa