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What exactly is PEMF technology?

If you are looking for a more natural way of improving your health and lifestyle, no need to spent a lot of time and effort working out in a regular gym because Ascent Adaptation and Regeneration offers a whole new strategy to enhance your body's performance using the most technologically advanced procedures such as the PEMF or also known as the Pulse Electromagnetic Field that accurately tunes the entire body and mind to regain its normal flow. The PEMF approach directly regulates any imbalances that occurred in every system of the body due to various external factors as well as reduces stress by attaining a more calm and focused mind through augmentation of the energy mainly needed by the body. In this way, you can prevent any severe ailment to advance or develop in your body.

Ascent is one of the pioneering institutions that established this system serving as one of the leading recovery centers as well as sport's enhancement providers. Our company aims at ensuring an easier way of physical conditioning and body training using a more advanced system that saves you time, effort, and budget. We offer various methodologies that cater to the holistic welfare of our clients as they themselves take control and become aware of their own health and lifestyle. Thus, our offered services can fully boost both your mind and body to easily and consistently adapt and gain solid strength needed for any type of physical activities. Because of this, each of our clients can accurately attain fitness that they want or require for their individual activities.

How advantageous is PEMF in Costa Mesa?

Aside from boosting stamina and strength, PEMF, performed through a technology-based system, it also advances metabolism that slows down the aging process of an individual. Using this procedure can also enhance cell regeneration due to the activation of ATP that primarily improves cellular activities. Along with these benefits is the balancing and increase of balance circulation as well as advancing of oxygen level. In terms of tension and body pain, PEMF process actually helps to decrease any form of swelling that may occur such as muscle inflammation. This is because the increase of oxygen in the body can directly help in relieving body tissues and cells.

For patients suffering from sleep deficiency, the use of PEMF in Costa Mesa can actually aid in boosting either Alpha or beta types of Theta waves as the primary tool in stimulating sleep. The light and sound waves produced during the procedure serve as a stimulus to the brain to regulate sleep and relaxation. The increase in the brain's activation directly influences the physical capacity of the body to perform physical activities. In this way, you also gain higher energy levels to avoid fatigue, easy tiredness, and exhaustion.

This is a great way to support many sports enthusiasts and athletes to advance their performance. Hence, you can check the detailed specifications through the Ascent Adaptation and Regeneration at in which you can also review specific benefits that are suitable for your requirements and needs. We have an array of services that you can choose from. If you are still undecided what service to choose, you can consult your concern to us by reaching us at 949 474 4404.

PEMF Costa Mesa
PEMF Costa Mesa
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PEMF Costa Mesa PEMF Costa Mesa PEMF Costa Mesa