Bemer Newport Beach

Bemer Newport Beach

Bemer therapy (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) is a vascular treatment that improves the limited pumping movements of small and very small blood vessels. This leads to a better demand-driven distribution of blood along the network of smaller blood vessels. Bemer therapy was developed by J.R. Klopp.

How does it work?

The blood circulation is the supply system of the human body. It supplies nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and organs of the body. At the same time, waste products are disposed of and eliminated. Seventy-five percent of this procedure takes place in the smallest blood vessels, the so-called microcirculation.

A centuries-old therapy...

The electromagnetic field has been used in healing for centuries and has also a medical literature of many decades. In the 1960s, Bassett confirmed that this therapy has a stimulating effect on callus formation and therefore an objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of the pulsed electromagnetic field on osteogenerative activity both "in vitro'' and "in vivo".

Is it safe?

Although there are solvent publications in prominent journals on this type of physiotherapy, the use of electromagnetic fields is the subject of controversy in the medical community. However, there is a lot of data available for ultrasound and Transcutaneous Electro Stimulation (TENS) as conventional physical therapies. 

As for electromagnetic therapies, pulsed magnetic therapy is widely used, as opposed to magnetotherapy with static magnetic fields. In the case of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), a number of different frequency ranges can be used. One of the assumed mechanisms of action of the electromagnetic field is its effect on free radicals, and an effect on heat shock proteins.

The BEMER device allows after only 30 days of treatment to improve vasomotion by 27%, blood distribution through the capillary network by 29%, venous return by 31% and oxygenation by 29%. The device first emits a signal configured by means of a complex mathematical formula at a frequency of 30 Hz for 83 seconds, which affects the vascular sections of the smallest pre capillaries, followed by an interval of 3 seconds, and then a signal is emitted again for 31 seconds but at a frequency of 10 Hz to stimulate the larger vessels. This cycle is repeated consecutively over and over again until the treatment is completed.

Advantages of BEMER therapy

Applied in a complementary manner to numerous treatments and indications, BEMER therapy is used very effectively to:

  • Improve the irrigation of organs and tissues and, therefore, a greater regeneration
  • Support the immune system
  • Decrease pain
  • An increase in performance and toning of physical and mental energy
  • An improvement in osteoarthritis, hernias, fatigue, tiredness, stress, scarring, fibromyalgia...
  • Promote wound healing and healing of sports injuries
  • Reduce regeneration times in sports training

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Ascent Adaption and Regeneration is a company that performs regenerative therapies of the body. Using technology capable of regenerating our body making it free from pollution, damage caused by poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. We specialize in BEMER therapies, red light therapies and Nexalin therapy. 

We are not a spa or gym. We are a medical center specializing in body restoration. 

We are located in Newport Beach, California. You can get more information by visiting our website or by calling our phone number 949-474-4404.

Bemer Newport Beach
Bemer Newport Beach
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Bemer Newport Beach Bemer Newport Beach Bemer Newport Beach